Sunday, January 17, 2016

Frozen (and I don't mean the cute Disney kind)...

So what do I think has been my lack of motivation for posting to my blog these past couple of months? Well I now officially have a name for it. Frozen Shoulder! Let me explain...

Let me take you back to October 2014, when I first began having shoulder issues. Pain and stiffness, along with a lot of tossing and turning at night, finally led me to the orthopedic doctor in Feb. 2015, where I received a cortisone shot and was told I had tendinitis. I followed up with physical therapy, and was nearly pain free, but still didn't have full range of motion. However, I did spend the summer playing softball, tennis, running, etc. 

Then came August, when I noticed the twinge of achiness returned. By Thanksgiving I came to the conclusion it wasn't going away on it's own, so I decided to return to the doctor. My orthopedic had now moved off island, and I had new insurance, so I began with my general practitioner, which took three weeks to get into. He thought perhaps I had a tear, so scheduled an MRI, gave me another cortisone shot (did nothing), and referred me back to the specialist.

Now it's 2016...Lack of sleep due to pain at night is my number one complaint. I feel like the parent of a newborn again (don't even go there), and I've even been known to wake up shouting out with pain as I turned over without thinking (sorry Michael). About a week ago I was finally able to see the orthopedic, which after reading my X-ray and MRI results, gave me an accurate diagnosis. I am now receiving physical therapy three times a week, and on a slow road to recovery. I just know the Lord is teaching me some things, and so far it is patience!

Someone shared with me a good article that explains Frozen Shoulder Syndrome, so if you aren't already bored of my whining, and want to learn more, read here.  Unfortunately, being a type I diabetic and now 50,  I fall into the high risk category. I hate being a statistic!

So back to why I have been avoiding blogging. I typically write my posts in the evening, and frankly I am exhausted by that time of day! I was only sleeping in 1-2 hour chunks of time, so going to bed by 8:00pm was not unusual here. I am happy to say that kinesiology tape has helped me sleep with less pain, so now I sometimes sleep in 3-4 hour chunks, but I still typically wake with numbness in my arm between 4am-5am, so I give in and get up. Which is why I decided at 4:15 am this morning to finally start writing this post that has been going through my head. Also, I don't typically mention much about my diabetes here, as there is not much to comment on, but the cortisone shots and shoulder have been wreaking havoc on my control, which doesn't help with my motivation to type.

But I am on the road to recovery, and no pity party here, so other than today's rant, I am ready to catch everyone up on the wonderful things that have been going on with my family (I like to keep the blog positive but real), so stay tuned....

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