Sunday, December 1, 2013

Old is New Again...

Two years ago I posted about a new tradition to start off our Christmas Season. Well I am happy to say that our old tradition is back again, so does that mean it is a new tradition, or an old one? 

Last month we were excited to learn the tree farm where we cut down our tree for many years, was being re-opened by the new owners.

The girls made a bee-line for the horse. Randolph the reindeer was replaced by "Princess," the rescued pony.

Always my out-of-the-box kid, we did not go with Kellen's first choice!

That's more like it!


We were happy to see that they hired the same Santa from all our past photos.

Such a colorful photo!

Unfortunately Joshua had to head back to school Friday morning, as his ride had to work Saturday. He was very much missed in the family activities. Every year my kids receive a new ornament from Grandparents and us, so that when they leave the nest some day, they will have quite a start with their own decorations. So when Josh comes home in a couple weeks, he will have two to add to the tree. Here is the finished project...

Just for kids corner.
Now if the wind can stop blowing long enough to get the outside lights up!

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