Friday, December 20, 2013

Cookies Galore, and More!

This week has been incredibly busy, with the school play Thursday night, and the Charlie Brown church play tonight, with rehearsals, gymnastics and preparing for the holiday inbetween! Thank goodness today ended up being a snow day, as it gave us a little more time to get a few other things done.

Josh and Rebecca prepared cookies yesterday, and today, after the snow turned to rain and the girls got bored, they decorated them.  I was impressed with some of the decorating that was done.  I think Josh has watched Cupcake Wars one too many times!

This one's arm broke off before decorating it, but in our house, she's perfect! Jaelyn asked if this was her. Love her humor!

Josh's lederhosen boy!

Simple and dainty, like Rebecca!

Yep, a polar bear that rolled in something red!

Another one of Josh's creations.

Who doesn't make dolphin sugar cookies at Christmas? Apparently Kaia does!
Jaelyn's creation.

The cookie supply was quickly depleted after tonight's play.  Fortunately with our busy Fall schedule of school and two sports, neither girl wanted to try out for speaking parts for either play.  Both were content to be in the choir. However, Kaia did find one part in the school play that suited her well...

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