Thursday, May 16, 2013


Today was an unofficial dress up day for seniors at Joshua's school. You see, it was "Senior Citizen Day!"  Here's what Josh will look like in another 70 years...
You can't tell very well in the photo, but he actually put flour in his hair. Mike said it was hilarious at school; kids coming into class using walkers, many shuffling into class late, and one even laying on the floor saying "Where's my lifeline?"  Oh seniors, just three more weeks until you have to grow up, so have fun!

Speaking of having fun, this week has been an eventful one, and I have failed to post. Let me bring everyone up to speed, starting back at Mother's Day.  The kids took me to brunch, then back home for some family time.
I have been feeling bad about losing the cross necklace my grandma gave me, only to find it scratched and bent from being ran over in the drive way, so Kellen thoughtfully bought me a new cross necklace.
And Josh made me a beautiful salad bowl in his pottery class...
And the girls gave me great handmade cards and bought me some summery clothes for HAWAII in ONE MONTH!

Three days later it was Jaelyn's Gotcha Day.  I won't bore you with pictures of our local Chinese Buffet restaurant that the girls always choose for their celebrations. Regardless, we had a good time together. They feel so grown up when they can help themselves, so we all make the best of it.  This year, for the first time, we came home and watched the DVD of the foster family that Jaelyn lived with in China.  We showed her it the first year we got it, when she was about three, but we haven't shown it to her since. She did get a little bored since it was all in Chinese, but it did trigger lots of questions, and it was fun to watch her view it.

Prom is coming up this weekend. Here is a sweet montage of Josh showing up at his girlfriend's house with a picnic lunch, asking her to be his date...
And one week from today is Kaia's surgery, so I will try and post more frequently these next two weeks.

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