Monday, May 21, 2007

At last....

Here's a picture of the kids from Jaelyn's foster care. The woman on the far left is the foster care director from the orphanage. The lady in the back was Jaelyn's foster mom. The other two ladies are her daughters, and both are also foster moms. The one holding the boy in the pink pants lives with her mom and is taking care of the two boys in the middle, and both have cerebral palsy. The sister on the right does not live with them, but lives nearby and visits frequently. She is holding LiHao, who is thought to be Jaelyn's biological brother. See any resemblance??? I'm not sure who the girl in front is. I have made contact with Li Hao's waiting mother, and we will be staying in contact. They hope to be traveling to bring him home in July, which is when I will be traveling to China on a missions trip!

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