Sunday, January 20, 2013

Super Saturday!

Saturday was an extreme sports day for the Crebbin household! Mike and Josh were first out the door, heading out at 5:15 am for a day of wrestling in Lynden.  Next, Kaia and I headed for her first ever Trampoline and Tumbling meet (T & T gymnastics) in Bellevue. Kellen came over before we left so that he could hang out with Jaelyn for the day and get her to her first basketball game of the season.

Both Jaelyn and Kaia played basketball last year on a co-ed team, but with her sister not joining her this year, Jaelyn really wanted to be on an all girls team this season. She was excited to learn that 3rd and 4th grade teams are separate, so she would get her wish for an all girls team. However, only 13 girls signed up, so this complicated things. I was hoping they would make two girls team to play against the boys, but instead they have all 13 girls practice together, then each week they will create two teams out of the group, so that each week you will play with and against a different group. Not sure how much they will improve over the course of the season, but as long as they are having a good time, that's what is most important. I'm also sure no parents will be complaining about playing time!  Jaelyn's "team" yesterday won, and she scored a basket:)

Kaia was very excited about her first competition. In T&T tumbling, there are three events: Tumbling, Trampoline, and Double-Mini Trampoline.  Kaia's first event of the day was the trampoline.  The last couple of weeks she became anxious about getting injured on one of her moves at the end of her routine. I have been talking and praying with her about it, and she came home from practice Friday night, excited that she did it. She successfully completed it Saturday too, and ended up taking the gold on the event. Okay, so maybe she was the only one in her age and ability group, but I was proud of her nonetheless!
Next event was her Double-Mini Trampoline event, which she states is her least favorite. Not sure why that is, other than the fact that she didn't complete her first try successfully. However, her second run was clean, and she ended up with the silver.

Kaia's final event seems to be her strongest. Doesn't surprise me, as she spends more of her time lately getting around by tumbling than she does walking! Doesn't matter if she's walking down the hallway in our house, outside in the driveway, even at church, she is traveling through cartwheels, roundoffs, and back handsprings.  Here she is in her first run.
Here is her second tumbling run. On this one she is allowed a running start.
Once again she earned the gold medal (and once again, no other competition for her age/ability), but even better, her scores were high enough to qualify her for the state tournament!  I still don't have a handle on how they score the events, but I am sure I will become more proficient with it as the season goes by. For now, she had a really fun day and is looking forward to the next competition in February.
Josh had another long day of wrestling. Following Thursday's exciting evening, Josh had a bye and two pins to find himself in the finals against the #1 ranked kid in the state. He ended up taking second, but not without giving up a fight, only losing 1-3, so he feels pretty good about it. The OHHS kids ended up finishing first in the tournament, so was a great day overall.

Whew, thankfully today is a day of rest.  A lot of sports coming up in the next month, so we're going to need the energy!

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Andrea said...

We ALL enjoyed this post! Gymnastics is the theme of our household these days. L1's moved up quickly at her gym but not competing yet. She is excited to get to Kaia's level and do all those flips too!