Friday, January 18, 2013

Big Night!!!

Last night was a huge night for the Crebbin Boys Men.  First event for the evening was Senior Night for wrestling. Josh was one of 15 seniors. Coach Dad was busy handing out flowers, so the girls and I escorted Joshua out.  Big hugs from Dad, who then joined us for some photos, then he was back to business.  We will get some more photos at a later point from the photographer, but here is the only one I have for now. It's minus Mike, and the girls were being a bit silly, but I love it of Josh and I.
Right before the announcing of the two teams, the athletes and crowd were surprised to learn that the wrestling team was awarded the Gary Knutzen award for sportsmanship by the Skagit Island Officials. I was proud to see that the years Mike has instilled sportsmanship, integrity, etc., in his athletes and fellow coaches, was honored.

Next proud moment; Josh was wrestling the number two kid in the state at the 3A level (Josh is currently #6). His opponent came out very aggressive, and very quickly, had Josh fighting for his life on his back. And fight Josh did, until the bloody nose put a stop to it! The night of wrestling was to be on the Internet for friends and family to watch, but wouldn't you know it, it stopped streaming when Josh was on. Not sure if it came back for any of the other matches. So I am posting it in three parts here. Please forgive me for the shaky screen and any moments he disappears from view. I was filming on my ipad while watching directly, so when it got exciting I wasn't exactly paying attention to the screen. You may also want to turn the volume down:)
First period action resumes...
The grand finale....
Yep, Dad was super proud, as we all were. But wait, it got better!  The two teams were vying for first place in league, and wouldn't you know it, everything came down to the final match. The 220 weight class was last to wrestle, and OHHS was up by one point. The wrestlers took turns being on their back, but the Wildcat wrestler finally prevailed, and the large crowd let out a huge roar! Was probably my most memorable evening as an OHHS wrestling fan; a perfect ending to Josh's home career. Two more weeks until playoffs begin. One more tourney tomorrow, two away matches next week.

Just as Josh's season is beginning to wind up, the girls' sports are just beginning. Kaia and I travel to Bellevue for her first meet tomorrow, and Kellen is taking Jaelyn to her first basketball game of the season, since Josh and Michael will be off wrestling. Thankfully it's a three day weekend so we will have time to relax and enjoy some time at home.

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