Sunday, January 13, 2013


I have been meaning to follow up on Jaelyn's birthday post, but we have barely been home as of late. Josh had wrestling Thursday night, Friday night, and all day Saturday, then of course, this morning it was early service, followed sadly by the Seahawk playoff game. I have mustered just enough energy to get some photos up before I go to bed and crash. 
Kids had fun creating their own pizzas. Good job making the crust Dad!
And fun playing Wipeout on the X-Box...

And fun eating cake....     

This summer I bought a couple more of the lotus candles from China that the girls love so much. Funny story; a few of us walked into a bakery looking to buy the candles, but we couldn't find any on display, and no one in the store understood English, nor were they correctly interpreting my mime! Josh got the bright idea to draw a picture of a lotus flower with flames (note he did not get his artistic skills from me) and the female workers giggled, ran to the supply room in back, and brought out a box full of the candles. I think between all of us there, we bought them out. I think they thought we were crazy, but they are such a hit here and so cheap. I think we maybe paid $1.50 or so for one.

Big kids had fun too:)

Josh took third place at yesterday's tournament. There were some tough wrestlers there, and Josh did a great job. I did get him to smile in another photo, but it was blurry, so back to the tough look this post. This coming Thursday night will be another really tough match for him, as well as senior night. Hoping to be able to post a win, and maybe a few tearful photos.

Jaelyn starts up with basketball this week, so that means we will be balancing three sports for the next month or so when wrestling wraps up. This Saturday Kaia has her first gymnastics competition, so I am hoping to have video to post.

Whew, think that's it for now!

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Eva said...

Does God make the days longer on the West Coast so you can fit everything in?

It sure looks like the candle is a hit at your place. Loved hearing everyone singing Happy Birthday to Jaelyn. Those candles are hard to blow out! I hope Kaia does well this weekend! And I'm looking forward to the video. :)