Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Is Black Slimming???

No, I'm not talking about my black sweater, but I've always heard that black makes you look thinner. Note the new insulin pump I'm sporting on my hip:)  Don't you think it slims me down??? Seriously, the warranty on my old pump was up, so I was due for an upgrade. After weeks of investigating what's new on the market, I decided to stay with the same ole' thing, only switching from pink to black. I found the pink scratched off way too easily, and I don't think the black will show if it does.

As for why I didn't go with the latest and greatest pumps, there are a couple reasons. First, I love the remote that is directly connected to my glucose monitor, as I use it all the time. Second, there is a new pump out there called Tandem that I seriously considered, but it's more like an iphone, which means I would have to charge it regularly as opposed to using batteries. It seems I always forget to pack a cord or two when I travel, so that would not be a good match for me.  Maybe when the next warranty is up in four years, I'll be ready to venture more out of my comfort zone.  Hope this doesn't mean I'm getting old!

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