Monday, December 31, 2012

One Last Post....

Still three hours left for me to post one more time in 2012 to make up for the past two weeks....

We had a whirlwind Christmas vacation, as we traveled over 1,200 miles in less than a week, as we had to make it back for a wedding on the 29th.  As always, it was nice to be with family for the holidays, and we were able to pull off a white Christmas for the girls!

We first celebrated Christmas with Kellen and his girlfriend before we left. Kellen was able to be with us in Oregon the weekend before Christmas, but he had to return home to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas.
The rock is what Josh wrapped to foil their gift guess. It really was a date night. Note the nerf gun on the couch that Elizabeth got Kellen and Josh.
In Portland we celebrated an evening with extended family, then more family time with a brunch the following morning. There were a total of five generations at the celebrations.
Bradyn, the newest addition with his personalized Christmas Tree name placer since he slept through dinner:)

One of her favorite gifts, stylish headphones.

Jaelyn made us this ceramic cupcake at school....yum:)

Christmas morn we were on the road early, as we knew there would be snow along the way. Our typical five hour journey took eight hours. The girls couldn't wait to play in the snow, and in fact, Josh and two cousins joined them until well after sundown Christmas night. The next day we celebrated yet another Christmas with Mike's family.

This favorite gift was from Mame....Jaelyn wanted a tumbling outfit too, even though she is not in gymnastics. They put on many shows for us. Kaia always played the coach. It was very sweet.

A large percentage of the less than 48 hours we were here were spent playing in the snow!
We capped off the trip by celebrating Kaia's eighth "Gotcha Day" with our family, by going out to Chinese dinner with good friends in Salem on our trip home. We have been friends with the Whitehursts for nearly 25 years now, since our early days in the Navy. Hard to believe how time flies.

Whew, lots of distractions, but I finished the post with 1.5 hours to spare!  Happy New Year! Tomorrow, Jaelyn's birthday.

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