Saturday, December 15, 2012

Big Day!

So it was a big day for the Crebbin household. First off, Kaia made her debut with the Island Flyer's, as Leaps & Bounds had a Christmas recital today. Kaia's the youngest on the team by two years, yet held her own. I was really proud of her not succumbing to nerves.  She has her first competition in January.

Throughout the day, Mike and Josh were texting me with Josh's progress at the Graham Morin Invitational Wrestling Tournament in Bellingham. Josh made it to the finals, where the girls and I were able to watch him take first place via the Internet! I asked Mike to send me a photo. Typical guy sent me this photo of Josh surrounded by another team's cheerleaders! Unfortunately it's grainy, but I thought everyone would get a kick out of it.

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Eva said...

Well Caleb and Madeline got a big kick out of watching Kaia tumble. I did too! Amazing that she kept it together among so many older girls. Way to go Kaia! We are proud of you!