Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Reappearance of Normal...

After six solid days of snow and ice, I am happy to say that we are getting back into the swing of normal, whatever that is.  Yesterday was the first time since last Saturday that the girls got out of the house in a car, and boy, did they need it. One stop was the library, and 20 books, 4 books on tape, and 3 videos later, I wish we had all these earlier in the week.

After two canceled practices, the girls are eager for their basketball game today.  Because of match count, Josh wasn't heading to today's wrestling tournament, but Mike headed out early this morning, only to find out no one told him the tournament was delayed two hours. Now they have to squeeze into their schedule the match they missed this past week, before districts begin in two weeks.

Speaking of squeezing in, now we have to make up the four school days we missed. We won't know for sure, but it looks like Mike and the kids will be in school until June 20th. With me leaving for China that day, looks like I'll have to catch another ride to the airport. June 18th will most likely be my last day now, which doesn't give me much time to prepare for the trip. Now let's just pray the snow is done for the season, because if we miss more days, that could really mess things up!

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