Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day Four, and Boredom Sets In...

Yep, this is day four of snow, and my kids are bored. Well truthfully, me too. Sunday's snow was perfect to play in; fresh, dry, no wind, and blue sky. Monday didn't bring much new snow, but it was a holiday, so enjoyed the day off. Tuesday morning added another 4" to the already 6" that came on Sunday. Was a bit windy at times, with that grainy type of snow pelting your face. The kids went outside between winds, so when they complained of boredom inside, we could kick them outside. Today, it is snowing once again, but not in a fun way. Through my window, I am watching the heavy snow laden trees sway in the wind. The snow is more swirling than falling, and it is only supposed to get worse. Tonight's forecast is for winds up to 50 mph, with a windchill factor of zero. Oh power, please don't go out tonight!

Yep, she's eating this snow. Ate quite a bit of it actually.

A free ride back to the top. Way to go Dad!

Jaelyn was so proud. She made this one all by herself. Love the teeny tiny head!

Sunday we made Snow Ice Cream, Monday we made Rice Krispy Treats, Tuesday Rocky Road Brownies, so what shall we make today? The recipe can't include milk, because we are completely out of that. Think maybe this snowstorm is going to cause us all to gain weight due to lack of movement and excessive munching. Fortunately Josh's wrestling match for tonight is cancelled, so he doesn't have to worry about making weight:)
Ice Cream Snow!

Fortunately we had an unopened puzzle, and we also passed time playing Apples to Apples Junior that Jaelyn got for her birthday. Now that was a hoot, but how many hours can we play it today? I could get some housework done? Nah, for now I will just lounge around in my robe and enjoy the family time!


Andrea said...

Have they closed the bridge yet? Love the pictures of the girls!

If it makes you feel better, we've had really gloomy PNW weather here this week... but still with temps in the 70s.

Eva said...

Wow. I wondered how much of the white stuff you guys were going to get. Crazy! I hope you stay warm and don't loose power.