Sunday, January 15, 2012

Go Green Lightning Bolts!

So the Green Lightning Bolts had their first game yesterday. The girls wanted to be the Fire Dragons, but when there are two girls and eight boys on the team, it's hard to outnumber the boy vote. Regardless, the team played tough, and we won everyone had fun.

Unfortunately my camera kept getting stuck as I was downloading the photos and video, so I had to delete some to get it to work. However, I think you can get the idea of how much fun they were having, and how entertaining the game was. Since there are ten kids on the team, the coaches put in a  fresh five players every five minutes, for a 40 minute game. The girls were plenty sweaty after running up and down the court each for 20 minutes, but they never let it slow them down during the game.
Jaelyn's good buddy Gage is on the team too.


Team Lightning Bolts!

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Eva said...

I loved the videos of the girls playing! I can't wait to show Caleb and Madeline.

I remember my sister and I being the only girls on a co-ed soccer team when we were eight. Fun times.