Saturday, July 2, 2011

Morning star in Beijing

Made it to Beijing safely. Four of us were met by Lynsay and went to Morning Star Foster home to play with babies while the rest of the team shopped til they dropped.

Britta working with Corrie, Bill and Lynsay's first baby

This not so little guy is adorable and didn't let two casts slow him down

love the cheeks

more cuteness

Daniel checking out Emily

worked hard to see his adorable dimple

Luke just "hanging around." Last year at this time he had just returned from surgery in Israel

Hope always had such a serious look on her face

Joy, the girl we help sponsor, after her nap
Joy, her nanny, and I. This is the closest she would let me get to her!

We leave at  3:30 am!

Yep, it's going to be a long, long day. Starbuck's, please save me!


carol rhodes said...

Toni, I have smiled and cried when reading your blogs and seeing the pics. You helped me share in your awesome experiences. How wonderful to see the fruit of your labors these past six years and to know that finally the people over there are sitting up and taking notice. Thank you for taking the time to blog when you were dead on your feet.

Karmen said...

Oh my goodness! I happened across your blog and saw that you sponsored Joy ... "Joy" is now our beautiful daughter. THANK YOU for loving her before God brought us together. THANK YOU for all you have done. I would LOVE to touch base with you and learn more about your journey and connection with our daughter!


Toni said...

Karmen, so nice to hear from you! We selected your sweet Joy to sponsor because she shares a birthday with our daughter Jaelyn. It was a privilege to support and pray for her while God was preparing you and your husband to be her forever family! Feel free to email me at I would love to chat more:)