Monday, July 4, 2011

Land of the Free...

We made it home safe and sound! We left the Beijing hotel at 3:30 am, so as you can see from the photos of Courtney and Kendra sleeping at the airport, we were pretty exhausted, despite the much awaited Starbucks.

We landed in Seattle at 5:30 am, 2.5 hours before we left Beijing!  After forcing myself to stay up all day, I crashed at 8:30 pm and enjoyed the most solid 12 hour sleep I think I've ever had.  Today turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day here, and enjoyed celebrating the 4th of July with my family at the parade and carnival. For dinner we had red-white-and-blue pancakes, something I've been craving for a couple weeks now. Hopefully I can stay awake a couple more hours to enjoy the fireworks tonight (not like I haven't been hearing them every day in China, but they are nothing like the beautiful night sky here).

Crazy drivers!

You think he looks sick now; you should've seen him after the ride!

Great day for ice cream.


Anonymous said...

Hi Toni-Thank you so much for your wisdom and encouragement! Blessings on your family and all the hearts you reach out to!
love in HIm, Allison- from Cashmere

(we met at the park at LIncoln Rock
state park.=0)

Toni said...

And thanks for listening to me blab Allison! Feel free to email if you ever have any questions I can help you with. My email is I would also love to hear how your wonderful journey plays out...