Monday, January 12, 2009

"THE" question

So yesterday Jaelyn asked me the question I've been expecting for quite some time now. I had prepared myself for that moment, practicing the perfect response. We knew the moment was near, as we have been hearing lots of "Tell me about when I was a baby in China," (which means when we traveled to China to get her), and lots of pretend play of putting things up her shirt and exclaiming "Mommy, I have a baby in my tummy!"

But I was not prepared to be enjoying a nice warm shower, only to hear her ask from the toilet, "Mommy, was I in your tummy?" Mind you I was not going to have this conversation without being able to look her in the eye. I had envisioned us having mother/daughter time in her room someday when this subject came up!

"What did you say?" I asked while peeking around the edge of the shower curtain, wanting to make sure I heard correctly. As Jaelyn repeated the question, there was no doubt that I heard correctly. I quickly responded with "No, you grew in your China-Mommy's tummy. Mommy and Daddy went to China to bring you home so they could be your Forever-Mommy and Daddy."

"Oh." she quickly accepted, then went on to her next random thought. Whew, that was all the questioning for today. That wasn't so bad. Guess kids will just ask what they're read to hear, so I don't have to practice so many steps ahead of her. I'm sure there are many unanswered questions ahead, and I just pray her heart continues to process and know that she is loved more than anything she could ever imagine. Lord thank you for giving us each other!

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Kristin said...

So precious! I love your answer!!