Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Jaelyn!

So Jaelyn is now proud to say she is five years old, and she grins from ear to ear whenever she says it. She has also reluctantly given up her blanket, because isn't that what you do when you're five (at least that's what we told her)? If you have seen Jaelyn sleep, you know she shoves half her blanket in her mouth to suck on, and has since the first day she has been with us. We were really proud of her for giving up her blanket so easily, that is, until we find that she substitutes anything around her bed to suck on to put herself to sleep. So much for breaking the habit...might as well give her the blankie back:)

She loves her Beaver sweatshirt...just like Daddy's! Unfortunately the baby stroller has been a source of contention between her and her sister. It's hard to watch your sister get all the good stuff, when your birthday is still 3 months away...

With a New Year's Day birthday, Jaelyn got to celebrate twice; once with family, and a few days later with friends.


Tonyia said...

Can that smile get any bigger??? Happy 5th Birthday My Dear! Your present went out in the mail today and should be there on Thursday/Friday.
Love ya, Auntie Tonyia

Lynsay said...

Love the Beaver sweatshirt!!! Love the pictures of your grandma! 70years!! Wow! This year will be 10, I was thinking that was pretty good too! :) Haha about the blog, sorry about that! It is pretty special because we cared for one of their girls for about 7 months, pretty amazing!