Sunday, July 20, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

One of the beautiful babies from the Chaoyang orphanage urgently needs our prayers. This little guy was only five days old when we first met him. We were told that he had just got out of surgery, so we weren't allowed to hold him. Trouble is, we never saw anyone hold him, even though he was not hooked up to any IV's, etc. On the last day, Tracie was allowed to hold and feed him. He was obviously hungry, as he drank his bottle rapidly, but he threw everything up. They said he was born without a rectum, and now obviously his system was not working properly. When she unwrapped his blanket, we saw he was bloated and his poor belly was quite hard. After making the nannies aware, our insistence paid off and they took him to the hospital. We found out the next day that they ended up taking him to a hospital four hours away where he had surgery that night. We were told that he was doing well, but we knew many more surgeries would be needed, and that he would do best at a Western hospital.

While at the Hope Foster Home in Beijing, we told them about the baby, and they said they would accept him if the director would call, and they would work out plans for the necessary surgeries. We need this to happen quickly, as this morning we received the following update from the director, via our guide. I think it would even be worth risking the travel so he can get the care he needs, so please be praying it all works out:

I got an email from the director. There are good news and bad news. Good news is that cribs are all put together, soon, they will send pictures to us, just because right now, the person who is responsible for the digital camera is in Shenyang with the baby whom was sent there for orperation. When she gets back, we will get pictures. The bad news is the baby's life is in danger, after anus re-build surgery, the baby was found also has cardiac failure and brain infection, is under extensive care now, so far is still in critical condition. Let's all pray for the baby!

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