Monday, July 7, 2008

Day Two....

Another fun filled day at the orphanage. We spent the morning just playing with the kids, and also had an opportunity to give Chen-Chen a bath. He was the little boy from last year that loves to snuggle, and still does. However, he did not like a bath! He's pictured here with Mike after his bath. Mike got pretty sweaty this morning with all the rough housing he did with the boys. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more.

We let the kids get some rest and went out for a Manchurian style lunch. The workers wore traditional dress, and everything they brought out was presented beautifully. The food was good too, especially the tofu soup.

Beading and the macarena were the hits in the afternoon! The kids rush out of the building to greet us everytime they see us now, which really warms the heart. It's also what makes it harder to leave, but we won't talk about that now. Just enjoy today's pictures, from China, with love.


Debbie Miller said...

Hey Crebbins! Greetings from CANTON (georgia) Just following your China trip and enjoying reading your blog. William was watching the videos of the kids playing with the tunnels... William saw Jaelyn and said, "Mom is that ME?" (Cause he saw her arm) I told him who Jaelyn was and that she had a little arm and hand just like his.... he got excited and watched your videos over and over and over and over. He actually had them all going at the same time. Give the all the China angels an extra hug from us. Wish we were there too!!

Debbie Miller

AnnMarie said...

Hello Toni-
I am back in Kyiv after two weeks serving in a English Camp in Bila Tserkva (White Church).
I am catching up on emails and I am glad to read your blog and see your pics.
Praying that the cribs arrive and your team continue to be blessed as they serve. What cute kids!
Say hi to Mike and Tracie, too.