Sunday, July 6, 2008

Full day....

Between the orphanage and walking around the city tonight, we've had a full day. We're happy to say the children remembered us and it didn't take long for them to warm up again. Three of the children have been adopted, but there were several new faces too. There were three babies less than a few months old, with one being only 5 days old! He just came out of surgery so they wouldn't let us hold him, but I sure wanted to (Lisa C., his sn is like your kids). The little girl with the cleft reminds us so much of Kaia when she was little. This girls sucks on four fingers at a time!

The afternoon was spent tie-dying, which they loved, and blowing bubbles. This evening we danced the folk dance with the locals, then walked around parts of the city we haven't seen. We will be exploring some parts in the daylight tomorrow. Tomorrow is also going to be parachutes and beading with the kids.

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