Monday, June 4, 2007

the latest

It's been awhile since my last post. This time of year is busy in the life of teachers, not to mention stressful and hectic. This last weekend we were able to take a breather and hang out with family at my Great Aunt Beryl's 90th birthday bash. My Aunt Beryl had never met the girls before and said that they "made her day." They were quite the life of the party.

You may notice that my "Double Trouble, Shampoo Edition" video is no longer on the blog. You may remember I submitted it to AFV. Well I got a letter from them today and papers to sign. You wouldn't believe the legalize they make you sign! Anyhow, from what Mike and I understand we can't have it posted on the Internet (is that what "media entity means???), so I'm taking it off for now. All this and we're still not guaranteed a spot on the show. Guess we have just passed the first screening. We will definitely keep you posted on this one.


Jenny said...

Love the photos. And AFV? PERFECT!! How awesome. : ) XOXOX

s.kozar said...

Saw the group photo from Mom's 90th birthday party. Showed it to her tonight. Loved looking at all your other pix on here too. What a great party!