Sunday, June 17, 2007

What a Dad wants....

Today began with homemade Pooh-n-Piglet blueberry pancakes for Dad. The girls were up early, so helped me make them. The first picture is of everyone after breakfast. What a happy family so early in the morning! We had plans to take Mike to the Everett Aquasox baseball game (Mariner Minor League team), but the weather didn't cooperate. Instead Mike said he wanted to stay at home and veg on the couch watching videos with the boys (the girls were napping). Who says "Ghost Rider" isn't a good father/son video? You'll have to see it for yourself! Notice how happy they all look on the couch together, especially Mike with 2 remotes. Mike got a new Ipod Shuffle for Father's Day, something he can take on his runs with Kellen.

School is now over for the boys. Mike has tomorrow and I go through Tuesday. The boys had a good ending to the school year. Kellen lettered in track and Joshua was elected ASB president for next year's 7th grade.

Just 8 days until Kellen heads off for Mexico, and less than a month until my trip to China. Even though it is summer break now, things will seem as busy as ever.

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