Friday, June 29, 2007

summer fun....potty training!

Not my vision of an exciting summer so far, but nonetheless a prosperous one. During the school year the girls showed no desire to conquer potty training. We tried everything under the sun, but finally realized we were fighting a hopeless battle, so decided to save our energy. Mike and Josh headed off for a week of wrestling camp, so I decided I would give it another shot. This time the girls were willing participants. In fact, I thought it would take until mid-summer to get where they are, but we haven't had an accident in two days now! Mike doesn't know what we've been up to yet, so he will be pleasantly surprised when he comes home tonight. I'm telling him it was his anniversary gift (our 19th anniv. was while he was gone this week)! The only downside I've found so far is that the toilet is a great stalling tactic for naps. They are to be napping as I am typing, but they've already got out of bed 3 times for the toilet (they're wearing pullups for naptime). It's hard to get mad at them though when they have actually produced something each time they claim they have to go. How do they do that?

Kellen headed off for Tecate, Mexico yesterday on a mission trip. As he was heading out for the airport at 7 am I asked him if he had his money belt. He held it up and rolled his eyes a bit, as only teenagers can do. About an hour later he called while heading down I-5. It seems it was my fault I didn't actually ask him if he had any money in his money belt! Duh mom! Oh well, less junk food and trinkets he can buy:) Less than two weeks until my trip to China!

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