Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Mommy Mother's Day!

That's what Kaia wished me today! I had a wonderful day spent with my kids, under the direction of Dad. It started with being served breakfast in bed, which by the way, is challenging to keep crumbs off the sheets with two 3 yr. olds fighting over who gets to be next to you! We then headed off the island to do some hiking around Padilla Bay. The sky could've had a few less clouds, but the scenery was beautiful, including the bald eagles flying around and the vivid yellow goldfinches (we had binoculars and a bird book!). We threw a few rocks in the bay then headed off for a late lunch in La Conner. Needless to say the girls were exhausted and fell asleep without a fight tonight.

To both our moms, we hope you had a special day, as you are special people (you know, you both raised wonderful children who happened to find one another). We so appreciate all you have done for us, and the support and love that you have given all our children, no matter how they joined our family!

One precious moment this past week was when Mike, the girls and I went out to eat Friday night (we can only afford to go out when the boys are gone!). Mike was showing me a sliver on his thumb when Jaelyn asked to see it too. She then put her hands on his thumb and said "Dear Jesus, help Daddy's thumb feel better," then a bunch of words we couldn't understand, and lastly a firm "amen!" It was so sweet to witness. The girl is the most compassionate 3 yr. old I have ever met.

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Jenny said...

Hi Toni, this is Jenny Markmiller- I found your blog from Liz's!! I hope you had a great Mom's day- looks like it was great. : )