Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Today I was told by my doctor that I now have hypothyroidism. He told me that 20% of Type I Diabetics get it. Yippee, skippee! Because of this statistic I have been having routine yearly thyroid checks, and my doctor has been watching my numbers drop a bit each year. This year they fell below the acceptable number, so that means I will now take a daily pill. No cure, but very controllable. Like Type I diabetes, this is an autoimmune disease. I laughed when my doctor told me we caught it early, so I didn't show the symptoms of constant cold and fatigue....anyone who knows me knows I'm constantly cold. As for the fatigue, due to two 3 yr. olds, I don't think that's going away with a little pill! I'm sure I'll be scouring the Internet the next few days to find out as much as I can.

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