Monday, March 19, 2007

It's a Small World!

Today I had one of those "small world" experiences. I took Kaia to a checkup at Children's Hospital. While there I came across two Chinese adoptive moms chatting, and sort of butted my way into their conversation. One of the mothers informed me her daughter was from an orphanage "way up North in Changchun." I told her that was where my daughter Jaelyn was from, she was shocked, and she made sure we were talking about the same orphanage, the Changchun SWI. I then asked her where she was from, which was Ellensburg. It was then that I realized this was the wonderful lady who carried over a stuffed animal, disposable camera, and a family photo album for us to Jaelyn back in Dec. of 2005. In fact she was the one who informed us that Jaelyn was in foster care, as that was what she learned from the orphanage director when she was there picking up her daughter. I got a chance to thank her in person. I love it when God shows me that He cares about the little details too!

All news was good news at Kaia's appointments. Her audiology test turned out great and seemed to show no hearing loss. Her tubes are still in place and working, and will most likely come out next spring unless they fall out before. We saw the orthodontist for the first time. All of Kaia's teeth that should be in now on the bottom are in, and two are coming in on top. She has a cross bite on the bottom left, which we knew already. When she is around 7 they will put in a bar behind her top teeth to widen her mouth and make room for the bone that will be added. The timing of the surgery for the bone graft will be right before the tooth in her gumline cleft come in. Too early or too late will not do any good. The tooth will grow right through her bone like it would for anyone. She mentioned a possible surgery after that one, depending on how her jawline adjusts. Kaia did great at all 3 checkups today. She is getting to be such a big girl. We did hear a couple "no shots" early on, but the staff was able to convince her that she would not be receiving any shots today.

As for the rest of the family, Joshua is busy wrestling and managed to pin a girl at his last tournament. Had to save face! Kellen had his first track meet last week and set a personal best in the 1600 and 3200 (mile and 2 mile), which was not bad of a start. This Thursday he has a home meet which I am going to be a timer for, so maybe I can help him take a few more seconds off his time (just joking.....).

Well it is way too noisy down the hall with giggles and sounds of buckets full of toy cars being dragged down the hallway. Kellen and Joshua had saved most all of theirs and the girls enjoy them as much as the boys did. Well now I hear tears being shed....

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Val said...

Ohhhh, here's an idea, girls!!! Why don't you wash those trucks with mom's new shampoo! Remember to count before you flush for new water...wouldn't want dad to have to snake the drain for a vintage TransAm.