Saturday, March 24, 2007

Double Trouble Shampoo Edition

Here's a behind the scenes glimpse into the Crebbin household. I knew something was up when the girls were oh so quiet. Mike says we need to send this one in to America's Funniest Video. What do you think?


Tonyia said...

I'm surprised that they didn't get any in their eyes! At least you have a clean toilet?!?!? I couldn't laugh until the very end... if that is any consolation for you.

Val said...

Oh, Toni. I'm totally EMPATHIZING. And laughing my behind off...only because it's someone else's kids doing what I could expect from my twin terrors.

That was priceless...absolutely love the totally unscripted stuff like "rinsing" their hands (cringing and laughing again...), sudsing each other, fishing out the lid. Wonderful footage...and I'm gonna link to you. :o) More people have to see this. ROTFL You're a great mom, and kudos for grabbing the camera.

Traci S. said...


I linked from Val's site. This is awesome!! I can hear the frustration in your voice, but honestly this is hilarious! I don't even know you but am VERY proud of you for grabbing the camera. They will be so grateful someday. Sit down this weekend and watch it again. It truly is the best!

Kids...they are the awesome. Adults could never have this much fun. We somehow lost the ability.

Traci S. from Ohio

Kelly said...

Toni, Makenzie loves watching this. I am afraid she is getting some ideas. She laughs, and then mimics what you say. We have had to watch it like four times. I think I had better go hide my shampoo. Kelly

Jenny said...