Thursday, June 9, 2016

Two in Two...

So Kaia has had two recitals in two weeks. First, here she is doing a fine job on the French-Canadian song Silhouette. She has come a long way since playing Jingle Bells, and more importantly, is still enjoying it just as much, a year later.

The finale to the recital season was her team's annual spring recital, which ends the season. They performed to Salute, which was perfect for the recital's "Salute to the Troops theme (there are performances from beginning toddler tumblers, to the Island Flyer's competition team).  Kaia starts out third from the right.  On her last tumbling run she performs her layout for the first time.

And just this past Monday night, she was invited to the awards ceremony for making the Honor Roll for her first semester of middle school. Great job Kaia! One of her favorite areas of study this year was writing poetry. She wrote on many subjects, but my personal favorite was a poem about her sister especially since I don't always see this part of their relationship these days.

My Sister

My Sister
Is a very athletic girl.
She loves to run and play soccer.
(“Ha, you just got beaten by a girl!” she says)
And doesn't believe in failure.

My Sister
Is a kind person.
She helps people in need.
My sister shows compassion,
To people and animals.
(“are you ok?”she asks)
And is encouraging.

My sister
Is independent,
She doesn't use her missing
Arm as an excuse.
(she sometimes says“A shark bit it off”)
And is confident about herself!

I am glad to
have a sister like
her to keep my
head above the clouds.
(Kaia:“I am glad to have a friend
And sister like her!:)

Today was the girls' last day of being 6th graders. Hard to believe they are now 7th graders, and scarier yet, almost teenagers! Now let the summer begin....

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