Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Down, But Not Out...

Mike is laying low these days with running, as he is trying to recover from an injury.  You may remember that last year he ran two 50K's, but decided it takes too much time to train for, so he chose to do an "easy" half marathon this spring. The Whidbey Island Marathon/Half Marathon is local, and didn't take much more training than a normal run for him.
Thanks to our professional photographer friend, John Fisken, who shared this shot of Mike on the final descent.

Crossing the finish line.
Interpreting Kaia's face, "Dad you stink!"
So for taking it easy, Mike finished first place in the over 50 category, and 23rd overall! But as I said in the opening sentence, he has been in recovery ever since. He's tried to come back a couple times, only to find he was not ready. Since I've not been cleared to run yet, we're feeling like a lazy couple. I have started walking though, but he won't even join me.  Hoping we're both back soon. This 50 thing is killing us...

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