Thursday, July 9, 2015

Where did June go???

Wow, I completely missed the month of June! The first two weeks were completely packed with the ending of many activities, including the end of the school year for all of us.  The rest of the month? I simply have no excuse, other than I was completely lazy.

It all started with the all-school talent show that both girls participated in. Kaia had a tumbling routine with two of her team mates who attend her school, and Jaelyn played a song with the other fifth grade students who did band with her this year. I was able to take 1/2 day off to watch them, but the videos and photos aren't worth posting. But here are some videos and photos to catch up on some other events...

Starting it all off was Kaia's recital, to close out the tumbling season.

Next up, Jaelyn's band concert. This was no ordinary band concert; it was a district wide concert. That means it consisted of two fifth grade bands, two sixth grad bands, two 7/8 bands, one high school band, one symphonic band, and one jazz band. I may have even missed one or two. Needless to say, the gym was packed. Each band played one or two songs, and the entire district played two pieces together. It was actually quite impressive. Here's one of all the kids together. You can see Jaelyn hidden behind her baritone.

Two nights later the girls had their fifth grade school music program. Kaia loved her pirate role, because she got to sit there and play cards nearly the entire time.
And Jaelyn got to be a part of the back up singers who were more interactive with the main characters.

Nope, not done yet. Next was Kaia's first piano recital. She had only been playing for a little over two months, but was so confident, especially when compared to some of the other kids who have been playing much longer. Check out the song choices.

Nothing says fun like an 80's dance night. Not sure who had a better time, the girls, or Mike and I.

Finally, last day of school. Since my school got out a couple days earlier, I was able to attend their moving on ceremony. Again, the school gym doesn't make for good photos, but here's some shots afterwards with friends.
Kind of dark, but Jaelyn got a special award from the Lion's Club.
Good friends.

Kaia's buddy.

Friends since preschool.

Jaelyn and her teacher

Jaelyn and friends

Kaia and her teacher.

Did I say finally? Here's one more photo to post through the first two weeks of June. Yep, we squeezed in a wedding too. Kellen took Kaia to her end of season party while the rest of us partied on.

More of June very soon...

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