Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Finishing out June...

So I left off at the end of the school year. Picking it up at our anniversary and Father's Day.  Father's Day should have come first, but instead, we celebrated our anniversary almost a week early. Since we are both sports fanatics, what better way to spend it than an afternoon watching the Seattle Sounders, followed by an evening cheering on the Mariners! Since the two stadiums are only a block apart,  it was doable.  In between the two games we walked up to China town for dinner. It was a beautiful sunny day, and we thoroughtly enjoyed our time. The only disappointments were that the restaurant didn't have the eggplant I was craving, and the Sounders lost.
27 years and still smiling!
The next day Kellen drove the girls to meet up with us to celebrate Father's Day, starting with lunch in La Conner. We had a delicious lunch at Seeds, then off to see Jurassic World.
Just missing Josh...
Yeah, a new Sounders beanie!
 Other recent activities worth mentioning; robotics camp and volleyball camp for the girls, Jaelyn's 3 vs. 3 soccer tournament, and a day spent beating the heat at Double Bluff Beach. So far having an extremely busy but oh so amazing summer!
Jaelyn's Islander team split into two teams for the 3vs.3 tournament.

Watching the girls from the beach. You can barely see it from the photo, but you could see Mt. Rainier and the highrises in Seattle from here. Love this beach because the girls can go a long way in the water, yet it still only comes up to their knees.

Still loves the sand!

Mike's shirt matches the blue sky!

First time flying a kite for Jaelyn. Background shows why this area is called "Double Bluff"

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