Sunday, May 17, 2015

Regionals Results...

So I mentioned on my Mother's Day post that Kaia was missing, since she was in Utah for her regional meet. She will say she only did okay, but I think she did great! Once again she had the largest group of competitors in her age/level, with over 20 girls. So I think a fifth, ninth, and twelfth place are something to be proud of!
With her coach and team mates.

12th place on floor, Level 6. She moved up to this level halfway through the season, so did great!

Fifth place finish on the trampoline.

Before they hit the road for an overnight trip home, they spent the afternoon having fun at a local amusement park.  They got nice and wet for the drive home...
Kaia's dead center, but you can barely see her behind the spray.

"hanging" with her team mates!
Glad she had such a memorable time, but glad to have her safely back home! Now a recital at the end of the month, then a break from practice until the end of August...

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