Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Now Where Was I???

Now where did I leave off? Oh yes, after graduation came Kaia's National T & T gymnastics competition.  Kaia qualified in her favorite event, tumbling, and since it was practically in our own back yard, we went for it. We really enjoyed our time together. Kaia didn't perform until Sunday, but we were able to watch two of her team mates perform (both those girls placed second nationally in their age/level categories), as well as take in the Elite tumblers. Kaia was in awe watching the Elite level, and it really inspired her.  Saturday evening was also the march in of all the 900+ athletes from across the country, and we were annoyed when they forgot to announce "Island Flyers." We were missing one of the four on our team who attended, as she had finished her events and headed home.

First off Sunday morning: hair! Of course, I don't do it well enough, so Kaia relied on her team mate. Hair must be all off the face and in a bun, not easy for someone with fine layered hair. And on top of that, stay in place while one does all sorts of flips and turns.

Did I mention the use of a ton of hairspray???

Presenting before the judges for her flight.
Kaia's first tumbling run, a roundoff and two back handsprings, scored her a 27.70, which put her in the top twelve. Her second run scored her 25.90 on her 3-step round off, followed by four back handsprings.  That put her tied for 19th, but they don't do ties. Since the other girl scored higher on her second run, she takes the higher place, so Kaia took 20th. I say out of 43 participants at her age and level, not bad!

Following her second run.
Following some photos with her team mates, we hit the road for our 6.5 hour drive home. We wanted to get back home to spend time with Dad for Father's Day! More on that for the next post...

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Eva said...

So proud of you Kaia!!!!!