Monday, June 30, 2014

Choayang Post #1

For the first time we did some of our "official" touring in Chaoyang instead of in Beijing. Yesterday morning we toured the fossil park, which was actually quite impressive. Chaoyang claims to have had the first bird and the first flower, so we are now referring to it as the Garden of Eden!  Actually the fossils and petrified wood were very interesting and the museum was very well done. It was a little toasty when we walked around the outside displays though.  Angela, if you are reading this, we randomly met Patrick, who says he was a good friend of yours here in Chaoyang! It truly is a small world. Before we headed to the orphanage, we crashed a beautiful wedding in our hotel! They were so sweet to us and insisted we get in on some photos with them.

We spent the afternoon with the kids again.  Ed was mobbed by his boys as we walked through the door. I painted Min Yer's nails for the fourth time, and some of he girls painted toenails for some of the crib bound kids.  We have been taking those kids out of the cribs as much as possible. It breaks my heart when they do not want out.

Last night we attended the local church. I feel guilty admitting I struggled to stay awake since I did not understand what was being said, plus it was hot and humid inside. The message was from Ephesians on unity, which is always good for a team to hear. We did enjoy the music and taking communion. Juan, a tutor we hired in the past to work with an orphan, was there, so was good to see her.

We will be heading back to the orphanage in just a bit. We are making tissue paper kites this morning and hanging them around to brighten the place up.  I have been unable to post photos or even download them to my computer, so hopefully I can get some through someone's iPhone today for mike to post.

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