Saturday, March 29, 2014

Weird Science....

For more than ten years we were off the hook for the Science Fair.  Now that the girls are in fourth grade, it was double the work! In the beginning stages, here's what we considered...

But alas, both girls came up with worthwhile projects, and in the end, we all enjoyed it. As parents, we decided to divide and concquer the projects.

Michael worked with Kaia to solve "What conducts better, salt or sugar?" It was great father/daughter time, and Kaia learned all about conducting electricity, volts, amps, etc., through her project with dad. She proved that salt is a better conductor by getting lights to brighten through salt laced play-doh.

Jaelyn wanted to personalize her experiment, so she asked "Can people born without their arm be dominant on the same side of their body of the limb difference?" With the help from many online acquaintances, she found that half the participants who tested their eye, ear, and foot preferences, did indeed show the missing limb side to be their more dominant side.  Thank you to those that helped out by participating in her experiment!
Yes, we all had fun and learned on the way, but we I am thankful that I am only obligated to one more year of the science fair. After that, they can pursue science to their heart's desire, but this mom will be watching from the sidelines (and thankful for my science teacher husband)!

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Eva said...

Way to rock the science projects! And thanks for sharing Jaelyn's results. I'll have to let Madeline know.