Saturday, October 26, 2013

Meet Yuzelca...

I just realized that I have never introduced Yuzelca! For over 10 years we sponsored Lizeth from Bolivia through Compassion International. We were saddened when she suddenly dropped from the program just months before she was 18. Since she shared an exact birthdate with Joshua, we celebrated many milestones along with her (birthdays, holidays, the deaths of her mother and grandmother) and watched her grow up into a beautiful young lady.

That feeling of loss for me was probably why I neglected to mention Yuzelca when we were assigned her to sponsor.  We were mourning Lizeth, whom we intentionally selected as a family, because of her shared birthday.  With Yuzelca, we just received a notice that we would be sponsoring her in place of Lizeth.  I feel bad now, because we didn't warmly embrace her. She was young, not old enough to correspond like we had been with Lizeth.  I know it wasn't her fault, and didn't we start with Lizeth when she was that young (or just a bit older)?  And we have even received correspondence from both her parents, which is sweet.

So now I want to make up for lost time in introducing her, and doing a better job of corresponding with her. This is not a very good photo, as I had to scan a small photo for this. But notice anything in this photo that makes her a good fit for our family?

Yep, this young sweetie in South America, Bolivia to be exact, is wearing a Chinese dress! Don't you just love it?  Perfect;)

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