Sunday, September 29, 2013


This weekend I got to spend just shy of 24 hours with Joshua! Okay, after subtracting off sleep time, it was more like 12 or so hours together, but we had a great time.

Josh got a ride over to watch the annual WSU game that is played on the west side of the mountains, in Century Link field in Seattle.  His girlfriend Rebecca and I met up with him at my brother's on Saturday morning. Looks like beautiful weather for a football game, right?

We didn't let a little bit of rain dampen our spirits though!

Unfortunately the game wasn't much better than the weather. We left third quarter when it was 3-31, and it eventually ended at 17-55.  We drowned our sorrows in delicious cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory instead! We were pretty tired and silly by this time, which made the evening all that more fun.
It was a quick visit, but a pick-me-up for everyone's spirits.  Now just two more weeks until a visit from Dad. Speaking of Dad, big news coming up in a week for him....

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