Thursday, September 5, 2013

Birthday Blues...

My boys have birthdays just ten days apart. When they were little, since they shared most of the same group of friends, we got away with just one birthday party between the two dates. At 22 and 19, those days are long gone!  For the first time ever, both boys are/will be away from us on their special day.  Kellen had vacation last week, so he went down to visit with family that he hadn't seen in quite some time. When he got home on Saturday we had a belated celebration, but it's not quite the same thing.

As you can see, Kellen was super excited about the gift his sisters gave him. A few months back he found they had ruined his most favorite ever music CD, Space Jam, and he was not pleased. Well they not only replaced it, but updated his much viewed VHS of the same name to a DVD. Welcome to 2013 Kellen!

The next day Jaelyn's Islander team took the Burlington U11 Labor Day soccer tournament by taking first place. It was an amazingly beautiful weekend; a much needed change from the previous two tournaments she has played in so far.

So now Josh's birthday is just three days away, and like Kellen, he will be spending it away from us. Only I had to send him his gifts, as it will be awhile before we see him. Sniff, sniff...

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