Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wendesday's Update... Angela, you are missed!

Sorry I am a day behind, but I was so exhausted after a long day yesterday that I didn't have time to write before I crashed! One of the girls we met at the square came with us for the second day, which is always great to see. I know the group did a craft with the children representing "God so loved the world," and did a lot of playing. I don't have any photos from Wednesday morning, because I spent the morning in meetings with government officials to talk about how this past year's nursing contest went (we agreed to fund the awards for a contest last year to get local nursing students involved year round with physical therapy in the orphanage), as well as what to change. I knew very of little of what was being said, so nodded my head a lot in between translations! One thing I have learned over the years over here is that nothing is ever done quickly. With that said, we next ventured to the bank where we exchanged money for the awards and air conditioners that we were going to shop for. Ying and I then decided to walk to the restaurant to meet up with the rest of the group for lunch. Turns out it was way farther than the "couple blocks" we were told it was, so we walked a couple miles carrying backpacks in what was our hottest weather so far. I haven't been so happy to see a bottle of water in awhile. Even though the rest of the team was done eating, there was still plenty of food left.

We headed back to the orphanage for the afternoon, which I was thrilled to spend the time back doing what I love best, hanging with the kids. We left a bit early though so we could take showers before the water was turned off for 24 hours, and head to the local church for Bible study. It was such a joy to sing "Amazing Grace" in English while the rest of the room was singing in Chinese. After the study we were asked to introduce ourselves and sing a song. Most of us knew "Lord I Lift Your Name on High," and our audience was so gracious that it didn't matter how we sounded! The leader requested a group photo afterward, down in the sanctuary, which turned out more to be a photo session. We would finish with one photo, then a church member would grab someone else from the group for another one, then another person would jump in the photo, and so on. Bob was popular because they said he looked like "the man from KFC," and Josh was told by a few that he was "so handsome." Overall it was a wonderful experience.

Angela, if you are reading this, you were asked about so many times at church! You are loved and missed greatly here:)

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