Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dad's Day...

From the time we woke up today, it was all about Dad! The girls and I got up to fix blueberry pancakes, then they thoroughly enjoyed waking him up by tickling his feet. At church the fathers were all greeted with candy bars, followed by more candy from the girls after Children's Church!

Once home we spoiled him with gifts. Kaia made her favorite kind of card, one that has flaps, and she made a coaster tile with her photo on it.
Jaelyn made a picture of she and Mike, and a pottery version of Flounder, the fish from Little Mermaid. If you look closely, you can see how well her drawing resembles her.

Notice the fish in her hand. The photo below is of Jaelyn giving Mike his present last year, a pottery dinosaur the same color (she is holding both above). I think maybe she is starting a tradition. Just think how many matching pottery animals he will have by the time she moves out someday!

From the whole gang they gave him new crampons for hiking. While Josh and I are in China, Mike and his brother are taking on the task of climbing Mt. Rainier.
If you didn't notice, Kaia decided to go back to wearing bangs. I was ready for the change too; tired of them always falling in her face, so we had them cut off on Saturday.

Next we took the traditional silly face family photo...
We then went to see Madagascar 3, which really was quite entertaining. We then filled up our bellies with fresh fish and chips at Seabolt's Smokehouse. I also bought some yummy salmon jerky to give as gifts in China. 

Tomorrow is our last day of school, and Joshua and I head to China on Wednesday. I doubt I will post before then, but I will be trying to blog while away.  The first chance I will be able to do so probably won't be until the 22nd, so check back then. I will try to post something every day, unless too exhausted or bad internet connections. Keep us in your prayers!


Andrea said...

Am I so shallow that you had me crying at the mention of Seabolt's instead of Father's Day? ;-) Have a great trip! Will we be able to follow along again this year?

Eva said...

So glad that Mike had a great Father's Day! It warms my heart to see the love you all share!