Sunday, May 27, 2012

Goose Rock

Today after church we decided to beat tomorrow's predicted rain by hiking today instead of on Memorial Day. Today's choice was Goose Rock, one we haven't done since Kellen and Josh were little, despite being within 10 miles of our house. It was just as spectacular as I remember. The trail begins by going underneath the Deception Pass Bridge, then parallels the Pass below before veering right and up a steep incline to the summit. Most of the hike is through a heavily wooded trail, but once up top, it is rocky ground, peppered by colorful spots of red, yellow, and purple flowers, with a beautiful view. The only disappointment was that I did not have my camera, so these photos are off my phone, which doesn't take the best shots.

Really, despite the faces in the photo, we had a good time!

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Eva said...

What an awesome time!

We are definitely going to have to make our way up there to see you guys and get a "grand tour". ;0