Thursday, September 1, 2011

You Know You're Getting Older When...

You definitely know you are not a teenager anymore when you get kitchen appliances for your birthday, and you are excited about it. That's right, Kellen is now 20 years old! Where did the time go? Along with tickets to yet another year of Bumbershoot, he was ecstatic to receive a Magic Bullet and an electric hot water pot (you know, to heat up water for the ramen noodles!) as gifts.

But the best gift was obviously the nerf gun the girls picked out for him. However, they didn't like it quite as much when he used them for targets:(   While we were in line waiting to buy the gift, I was telling Kaia that Kellen was going to be 20. She asked if that meant he was going to get married soon, to which I responded "A long time from now if we are buying him toys like this still!"
He also asked to play his favorite game, Munchkin Zombies, to which we conceded (and we "let" him win)...

Jaelyn played the roll of photographer, and took pictures of everything around the house. Thank goodness for digital cameras! She did get a good shot though of the pork chops that Kellen requested, and Mike barbecued!
 What better way to top it off with than a blizzard cake from DQ!
Does this look like an adult to you???

I think not, but you gotta love him!

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