Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Girls' Turn...

So this week it was the girls turn to go hiking with Mike. The goal, to conquer Sauk Mountain, which not only they accomplished, but our dog Romeo did too! Kaia started to drag about 1.5 miles into the hike, but was re-energized once they hit snow. 

They peaked at over 5,500 ft., and enjoyed the beautiful wildflowers and scenery along the 4.2 mile trail. The only downside was that they were not the only ones who ventured out that day, as the trail was quite busy. 

Mike has been talking one more hike before the end of the summer, which unfortunately is coming all too quickly.


Eva said...

If we're ever in the NW, could you PLEASE take us hiking with you? I am so jealous. Nuthin' like it in FL.

Anyway, thank you for your kind words on my blog. I just never thought I would need to empower a 3yo. I thought Madeline would be a few years older before she would be affected by negative attention.

All week long we've been telling her how perfect she is. We even did some role playing. She did great at explaining herself and then "marching off." It was funny.

Thanks again. And I'm serious about those hikes. You live in a beautiful place.

Toni said...

Eva, anytime you want to vacation out here, you have a place to stay and I'll even promise my husband as a personal guide:) The kids would have a blast together!