Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So as I mentioned in my last post, we made a mad dash last week for Sunriver after Josh headed off to church camp. Mike's mom was attending the Sunriver Music Festival for her 25th straight year, and as always, invites family to stop in and join her for a few days at the condo she rents.  Since Josh was gone, and Kellen was working, most of our activities while there focused around our girls. And speaking of girls, Mike was feeling a bit in the minority, since two of our nieces and their cousin were also there at the same time. Sunriver has an ample amount of bike paths, so the girls were really able to hone their skills. Swimming, horseback riding, and a magic show were also on the agenda. Mame purchased the girls these cowgirl hats while they were still giddy, following their ride!

On our way home we made our seemingly annual stop for food at the Whitehursts house, long-time friends from our humble beginnings as Navy friends! As always, we enjoyed great company, and wonderful food! It was a first for us, BBQ pizza. Everyone made their individual pizza, and Donald oh so carefully grilled each one to perfection.  Poor guy had to wait to be the last one to eat.
Preparing the dough to rise

You would think she meant to roll the dough into a heart


 Adding the sauce and toppings before another grilling to melt the cheese

Two proud pizza makers!


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