Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our Family is Growing.....

FYI...I originally wrote this blog clear back in January, but I didn't know whether or not I had permission to post photos of Joy.  Then I forgot about the original post and only remembered it as I am preparing to return to China. Bill of Morning Star gave me the go ahead on posting photos, so I decided to publish the post, with a forward written to set the stage.  This Wednesday the Chaoyang Team is returning to China, and I am hoping to be able to meet Joy face-to-face when we are in Beijing!  Please be praying for Morning Star. They have recently taken in some very sick kids, one who passed away, and another currently in the hospital. In China hospital costs are paid up front, so if God puts them on your heart, please consider giving.  Read below to learn more, and be sure to scroll to the bottom to see a recent photo of Joy....

Now that I have your attention I need to tell you that, no, we're not adopting again, but we have taken this sweet little thing into our hearts!

We refinanced our home the end of December, and since that freed up some monthly money, what better thing to put our money towards than to help support changing the life of a child forever! We could buy our families more unneeded toys, but in the end, what does that really matter?

Let me tell you more about where Joy comes from, and perhaps you may feel moved to help a child there too:)  Joy resides at Morning Star Foundation in Beijing, China, where Bill and Lynsay Lewis run their foster home.  All the children in their home have severe medical needs, and come from orphanages that can not meet these needs. That's where Bill and Lynsay step in! They nurture the children, advocate for the best health care they can get, and pray for each one of these children. They employ local nannies and understand the culture. Monthly expenses for each child is approximately $450, and children can be sponsored at any amount. Whether it's $10 a month or the entire $450, you can help to make a difference.  Just go to their babies page, select a child, and you can set up automatic payments through paypal. They will also send updates and prayer requests on your child, so you can be involved in their life.

For years we have sponsored Lizeth through Compassion International. We chose her back in the early 2000's, while attending a Creation Festival where they were promoting sponsorship. We chose Lizeth because she was born the exact day and year that Joshua was.  Before we chose which child to sponsor at Morning Star, I prayed that one of the children would stand out to me. As soon as I opened the page of the children there, I knew that child was to be Joy. The first thing my eyes took me to was her birthday, January 1, the same as our sweet Jaelyn!
Girls got spunk!       

Recent photo that was sent with our updated letter on Joy

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Andrea said...

We sponsor a birthday buddy through Compassion as well. That means I've got two birthday girls to plan for soon!