Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Today was a long day at work, but I perked up when I came home to my sussy on the front porch. Cody gave me a Dragon Bell Gong that fits right in to my China display, just in time for Chinese New Year that begins next week. Thanks Cody, it's perfect, and thanks Beth and Amylia, some of my online diabetes community friends, for getting this started!


Cody Turner said...

Kind of funny how it has seemed like everyone's sussy came at the right time of when somebody needed something to perk up their day. The day I got mine was the day I found out my dog had a malignant tumor on her paw. I have read several people's blogs that have said, it was what they needed after a long day or a frustrating day. And it does look great there.

Minnesota Nice said...

It absolutely looks great there. Just perfect.