Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mixed Emotions

Over Christmas I helped my 91 year old grandmother, who lives alone, clean out her cupboards. She had some beautiful antiques hiding away, to which she began offering me. It felt a little strange to be taking them from her, which has had me thinking. I think it gave her pleasure to give them to me, but I had mixed emotions about it. As I was cleaning them up to put on display, I was thinking of the stories behind each piece, and how Grandma must realize she may not be around much longer. This makes me sad, as she is very special to me. I am so spoiled though, at 42 (shh), to have three of my grandparents still alive!

The pieces cleaned up nicely, and I have put some of them on display in my kitchen. I think of my grandma everytime I look at them:)

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Tonyia said...

What beautiful pieces Toni. It is always bittersweet to receive such wonderful treasures!