Sunday, February 3, 2008

Shopping for the Senate

Yesterday I took my 16 year old shopping, which is not exactly something he likes to do. He kept a good attitude though, as we were on a mission for an appropriate wardrobe for his stint as a student page for the senate. The week of Feb. 18 he has been selected to be a page for our Senator, Mary Margaret Haugen (sorry Mame, but our senator is a democrat). We had to shop for black pants, black shoes, black socks, a black belt, and a white shirt. It felt like we were shopping for a funeral! They will provide the ever-so-stylish red jacket. So if you know Kellen, you know this is definitely not his style. He is really looking forward to the experience though. I will do a follow-up post when he is done, and definitely include a picture of him at work (yes, it's work, and he gets paid).

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Tonyia said...

WTG Kellen! What a wonderful opportunity.
~Auntie Tonyia