Sunday, March 8, 2015

Who Said Retirement?

A couple years back, after 25 years straight of coaching, I "retired."  These past couple of months I had a worth while reason for coming out of retirement: my girls! Okay, so I was only a volunteer coach, and it was just 4th/5th grade volleyball, but for the first time, I coached one of my own kids (actually two). 

When I coached, I always prided myself on organization and relationships. I made contact with the coaches before the girls' season, to volunteer my knowledge and assistance. Let's just say they were more than happy to have me there. The first practice I walked into quite the chaotic scene; 46 kids and not much structure or guidelines.  We had only one practice before the first game. Yikes! I taught correct skills, taught drills, created organization, and enthusiasm with the kids.  It was so much fun to see how much they improved. By the end of the short season, they actually looked like they knew what they were doing, and they even had some rallies.

Each week we would form the kids into four teams, and rotate the groups on and off the court for multiple games over an hours span. I was partial to a couple girls who really improved a lot. Both were a little hesitant about trying a new sport, but were game once they knew Coach Mom was helping out. Unfortunately I missed most of the last game due to a physical therapy appointment, but here is some video of Jaelyn's wicked serve that Mike took...

They both admit now that volleyball is fun, and that they can learn new skills with a little hard work and good attitudes. Between gymnastics and soccer, we shall see if they make room for more volleyball and Coach Mom.

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